A to Z the USA

Prepare teaching/evaluation material for students for US topics, includes maps.

A to Z World Travel

You could teach a bit about the history of another country by having a “Historical” hunt using this site. Students could hunt for specific cities and what their special festivals are and how they are different from our own.  Giving an assignment about countries? Have students start their research here.

Academic Search Premier

This would be the perfect data source for an educator trying to use actually proven evidence of teaching a certain subject.

Ancestry Library Edition

A history teacher would find a gold mine of information here to use in history classes. It is possible to examine the local town and browse records. Students could do their own family research. Students could research historic figures such as Presidents or other elected officials. To see anyone in the context of records and documents is real history.


This serves as both white pages and yellow pages.

Auto Repair Source

Buying a used car? Check this database for recalls on a specific vehicle. Like to tinker under your car’s hood?
Check out the information on your make and model, and go beyond the basic instruction manual.

Biblioboard [Biblioboard App]

Geography, mathematics, language, problem-solving, reading, and more. The list of how to teach these materials goes on and on. Being a teacher has never had more guidelines. Free access anywhere in Illinois, no library card needed!

Britannica (Adult)

The database is free to use, and does not have anything walled off from requiring a card or a payment plan. All they have to do is spend some time looking for something and they will eventually have what they need to show to a class.  You can even find content by age level.

Britannica (Teen)

An educator would love this database because it has informative details about a multitude of topics. It could definitely be of aid in creating class curriculums, presentations, or assignments, and could for sure be an assigned class reading or Webquest. 

Britannica (Children’s)

An educator would love this database because it has informative details about a multitude of topics. It could definitely be of aid in creating class curriculums, presentations, or assignments, and could for sure be an assigned class reading or Webquest. 

Business Source Premier

Business Source Premier provides a free resource of thousands of full-text articles and videos perfect for in-class or take-home use.

Civil Rights and Social Justice

An educator would absolutely adore this database because it has informative, in-depth details about the civil rights movement and social justice initiatives. It could definitely be of aid in creating class curriculums, presentations, or assignments, and could for sure be an assigned class reading or Webquest.

Consumer Health Complete

An educator would be able to use this database as a way of checking on the accuracy of a student's project/paper if so inclined.

Consumer Reports

Looking for items for the classroom? Compare products.

Drivers’ Ed Practice Tests

Use this database to inform your high school students on basic life skills such as becoming a responsible and skilled driver.

EBSCOhost [EBSCO Mobile App]

Any news or social topic can be researched with EBSCO. Full-text articles and a citation tool included.


Explora has a ton of primary source information and state curriculum standards at your fingertips.

Freading [Freading App]

Freading eBooks are great for an Educator, with no out-of-pocket fees, many items to go around, each student can have the same item.   Many titles in various subjects of History, Science, as well as bold picture books.   Many early reading levels for the beginner who is just learning about pronunciation and phonetics to everything in the middle for those who are at an intermediate level there are short chapter books with pictures, lighter reading level to the more
advanced, longer, more depth to the story.

Freading is a place to help an Educator find ideas for their classroom or Zoom time with students.   Resources to choose from Non-Fiction to Fiction, up-to-date titles, and many old favorites.

Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia

Become familiar with the encyclopedia so you can recommend it as a resource for your students when assigning projects.

Global Road Warrior

Use this in class to teach your students about different countries, languages, cultures, and ethnicities. You can also use this in planning a class trip and for research.

History Reference Center

This is an all-in-one history resource. It addresses American history and World history, both in an encyclopedia format. The articles give good, brief introductions to each topic. It expands to have reprints from periodicals, journals, and other documents. There are reprints from books on the topic.  Also built-in is a dictionary, courtesy of American Heritage. The illustrations can be searched and downloaded separately. Need a picture of Abraham Lincoln?
An illustration of the Battle of Bunker Hill? A picture of any president? All can be found and downloaded here.
Copyright information is included for each.

Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center

Use this database to find new and exciting crafts that you can use in the classroom. You can even apply these craft ideas to student lessons and development.

Kanopy [Kanopy App]

Introduce a topic to your students, as long as it was age-appropriate. Gain more knowledge on a subject in their own time.  Ask staff about using Kanopy content for classroom use!  Talk to youth staff if you need a teacher card to access!

Kanopy Kids [Kanopy App]

It could help them find some material they may like to use for a classroom. Ask staff about using Kanopy content for classroom use!  Talk to youth staff if you need a teacher card to access!

Legal Information Reference Center

Any teacher or instructor that teaches history or social sciences would probably find good material here about legal issues.

Literary Reference Center

Share this database with your students who need help with their citations. There are also numerous other resources that could be found on this database.

Media on Demand eAudiobooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Media on Demand eAudiobooks can help students who struggle with reading comprehension by providing an alternative format that helps to bring written materials alive and be more engaging.

Media on Demand eBooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

1200 youth non-fiction titles are available for you to supplement your lessons.  There are also some great non-fiction titles that are written for teachers.

Media on Demand eMagazines [Libby, by Overdrive App]

School budgets can often make it hard to purchase and use magazines in the classroom.  But you and your students can now get the latest and back issues of titles to use for assignments or in-classroom activities easily.

Middle Search Plus

Educators, especially for middle school, can use this to supplement their learning assignments and teach students the importance of accurate, reliable information sources. It includes resources like magazines, primary source documents, photos, maps, and flags. Articles also include Lexile reading levels to meet students at their current reading abilities.

Newspaper Archive

Educators can look to Newspaper Archive as a pool of potential bibliographic sources for written, historical, and other assignments.


Find a new author that writes like a favorite author. Not sure what to read? Let Novelist Plus help you find a book that suits your mood. It finds titles, articles, and lists for both your fiction and nonfiction needs.

NoveList K-8

AR, AR, AR, and no we’re not speaking pirate.  Look up titles that are within a particular AR range and help them find a book they want to read!

Points of View Reference Center

This would best suit 8th grade and up, but there is a lot of information here that a teacher can use to make assignments and projects out of each subject - Health, Crime, Arts, Media, and more.

Primary Search

You can definitely use this database for your students!  It has Lexile levels, so if you have struggling students, you can help them find articles, PDFs, and other texts directly designed for their reading level. 

ProCitizen [Pronunciator app]

As an educator, you may know students who are preparing to take the Naturalization Test to become a naturalized U.S. citizens.  ProCitizen can help you become familiar with the material covered on the test so you can assist those who are preparing to take the test.

Pronunciator [Pronunciator app]

As an educator, your time is precious.  Pronunciator has many options for you to choose from to meet your needs.  Whether it is to help you communicate with a non-English speaking student or parent or to help you prepare for the highly desired position of Italian club Oversea trip chaperone, Pronunciator allows you to pick from short daily lessons to personalized courses to structured courses with drills, quizzes and more. Pronunciator will help you start mastering a second language in no time. Includes English as a Second Language content (ESL.)

Read It!

As an educator, you can share this database with your students who are ELL. It is useful for ELL students because the articles are short and created to help your reading and comprehension about basic English education without overwhelming your student with too much information. This database can also be helpful for students with learning disabilities for the same reasons.

Salem Press

Are you a high school teacher? From history articles to career development resources to articles to enrich science education, this resource is perfect for your classroom.

Science Reference Center

Create lesson plans and present students with experiment ideas. The database is Google Drive and Google Classroom integrated, which allows educators who use Google Apps to share content with students.

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law

The database has a lot of information. Even if it's reviewing it for credibility or containing your own sources. Especially when it comes to the slavery unit.

Small Business Reference Center

Useful for business-related topics.

Teacher Reference Center

Find researched and peer-reviewed journals about your student’s development and learning. You can also use this to find ways new lesson ideas.