**Tutors Should Also Visit the Age-Appropriate Student Pages**

A to Z the USA

Learn about the people (and potential customer base) of a specific region in the events of expansion.

A to Z World Travel

You might want to check out the Shopping sections and the Major Shopping districts for their special merchandise.
You could find an item that no one else has in your town or state.

Academic Search Premier

Look up the surrounding area to see if anything major has happened that might affect your business.

Ancestry Library Edition

I don’t see a small business owner using this much unless they have a personal interest in their family history.


This can be used to look up competitors, compile mailing lists, look for new residents to target for marketing and many other uses. It can also be used to find suppliers. Being nationwide yellow pages, it can be used the same as would have used a telephone directory.

Auto Repair Source

Add this resource to your shop’s arsenal of technical information. It includes service bulletins, wiring diagrams and
recall notices, in addition to diagnostic trouble codes.

Biblioboard [Biblioboard App]

Hardly is the high-held opinion on Microsoft Excel’s usefulness challenged. Among other applications, it’s a great tool for keeping things organized, especially for a small business owner. Biblioboard has a books on how to use this wonderful software. Free access anywhere in Illinois, no library card needed!

Britannica (Adult)

A small business owner needs to be up to date on the latest information that may concern his business. The database contains articles of other successful companies that can provide a good framework for running your own business.

Britannica (Teen)

I think any sort of school-based/ tutoring business would make use of this resource and could point their clients in the right direction.

Britannica (Children’s)

Any sort of school-based/ tutoring business would make use of this resource and could point their clients in the right direction.

Business Source Premier

Keeping up with the day-to-day duties of owning a business is already time-consuming, but Business Source Premier allows you to be aware of the latest business trends and ideas in one place, all for free!

Civil Rights and Social Justice

I don’t think this is a great resource for businesses. However, if they are researching the history of Black owned-businesses, disability employment, or certain issues about civil rights in the workplace (worker discrimination/laws) this would be a good place to start!

Consumer Health Complete

They might use this database depending on what their business is to be able to provide a service and/or product for a particular medical issue for their clientele.  

Consumer Reports

Small businesses need a selling point on the safety of your product? Check out Consumer Reports.  Get product reviews for the tools you need to succeed.

Drivers’ Ed Practice Tests

Sending your employee to obtain/renew their CDL? Use the practice tests first!

EBSCOhost [EBSCO Mobile App]

Anyone needing general information about any topic could use this resource. A small business owner looking for news about their type of business would use this.

Fold 3

A small business owner would only use this if they had a personal interest in their family history.

Freading [Freading App]

Freading eBooks would reduce the cost of overhead, no fees, no items to buy, no lost/stolen items, no wasted space in the office or on store shelves.   Free to use.  Can be used right at a business location or anywhere there’s Internet or Wi-Fi access, with the use of a cell phone, computer, or tablet.

Many titles and genres to choose from educational to fiction.   The items in the eBook collection can help provide valuable information to businesses to improve or to be up to date on Finances, Management, Tax, Codes & Regulations, Laws (State/Federal).   As well as Advertising, Marketing strategies to bring in more profits and awareness to the Business & Services.   Other items like fiction can be used to create displays and or settings to provide a themed atmosphere for the business or the clientele.

Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia

Not particularly useful, but could possibly provide a prospective business owner pointers on things they’d have to figure out. An example would be looking up Marketing and then realizing it involves promotion, distribution, and market research.

Global Road Warrior

A small business owner/entrepreneur can use this if they want to conduct business in another country or want to do business with someone that is from another country. They can click on the tabs, “Business Culture,” “Economy and Trade,” or “Money and Banking,” where information can be found for their business needs.

Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center

Use this database to find crafty ways to promote your business and learn how to use crafts and take-home options to reach customers at home.

Kanopy [Kanopy App]

You might want to do research on what their business is about (ex. Someone in fashion may want to watch a documentary about the fashion industry).

Legal Information Reference Center

Before visiting a lawyer, this is a good resource for understanding the basics of the legal system. It is not a replacement for an attorney, but it can alert you to the issues and topics you need to be concerned with.

Media on Demand eAudiobooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Keeping up with the day-to-day duties of owning a business can certainly occupy your time, but with Media On Demand and the ability to download audiobooks on the go, you can stay up to date with the latest business trends and ideas to help your business thrive!

Media on Demand eBooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

A quick search of the word “business” on Media on Demand gives over 1400 results for non-fiction e-books. 
Find inspiration from other business owners, information for a profitable business, tips for employee engagement, and so much more.

Media on Demand eMagazines [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Things are constantly evolving and changing every day.  You can keep up with these trends by downloading the latest issues of dozens of business magazines absolutely free.

Newspaper Archive

Small business owners can use Newspaper Archive to find and keep records of events relating to their business, such as reviews, interviews, or news coverage of local events that they have taken part in.


Find a new author that writes like a favorite author. Not sure what to read? Let Novelist Plus help you find a book that suits your mood. It finds titles, articles, and lists for both your fiction and nonfiction needs.

Points of View Reference Center

Of course, it’ll depend on your company, but I feel this will help with some common topics. This database categorizes their topics. So ‘Taxes’, ‘Government Funding’, and ‘Labor and Economics’, to my guess, would be some great resources to look back to for some information.

ProCitizen [Pronunciator app]

Perhaps you or some of your employees are preparing to take the Naturalization Test.  ProCitizen can help prepare you or prepare you to help others for the test.  With its series of videos, practice exercises and quizzes, ProCitizen helps you explore everything you need to know to successfully pass the test.

Pronunciator [Pronunciator app]

If you want to expand your ability to help customers who speak a different language, Pronunciator can help.  With over 160 languages to choose from and varied levels of courses to take, you will be able to find a language and course tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your customers. Includes English as a Second Language content (ESL.)

Read It!

This database would be helpful for you because it provides short articles about entrepreneurship and what that entails.

Small Business Reference Center

This would be the best database for all things business: Startup plans, business locations, basics of business, and more.