A to Z the USA

Fill gaps in your knowledge on specific states and regions of the United States or to prepare a family trip/move.
Help with US homework topics.

A to Z World Travel

This is a great way for you to teach your kids about other Cultures. What do they eat in Casablanca? 
What Festivals do Copenhagen, Denmark celebrate? What are Helsinki, Finland neighborhoods like?

Academic Search Premier

You would use this in helping your child with their homework, or looking up information.

Ancestry Library Edition

You could work on a family project with your young student to begin tracing family history. This would be a terrific bonding experience for a family. With all the commercials for Ancestry, it should be easy to get a young student interested since many of the commercials show a very young child hearing the family stories from a parent.


You could use this to search for services such as daycare centers, schools, stores, amusements such as miniature golf.

Auto Repair Source

Buying a used car? Check this database for recalls on a specific vehicle. Like to tinker under your car’s hood?
Check out the information on your make and model, and go beyond the basic instruction manual.

Biblioboard [Biblioboard App]

Biblioboard hosts a plethora of books on cooking, from healthy to downright adventurous, that enable parents to introduce new foods to their curious youth. Free access anywhere in Illinois, no library card needed!

Britannica (Adult)

The Britannica Reference library has an extremely simply to understand interface that makes looking for articles, images, and other things extremely simple and intuitive to find. The interface also visually pleasing to look at.

Britannica (Teen)

A parent would likely point their teenager/young adult towards this resource if they need help learning about a certain topic on a virtual encyclopedia. Additionally, if a parent has a lower reading level and prefers easier content, they could use this resource for themselves. 

Britannica (Children’s)

A parent would likely point their child towards this resource if they need help learning about a certain topic on a virtual encyclopedia.

Civil Rights and Social Justice

A parent might enjoy this resource because it can be used to educate their children on the history of civil rights issues. It could also help them find resources for their children who are students in school learning about these topics or doing a project/paper.

Consumer Health Complete

This database would be beneficial for a parent to use to provide their child/children with information about their particular illness or health crisis.

Consumer Reports

Parents will use this to compare prices and products in the comfort of their home.

Drivers’ Ed Practice Tests

Sit down with your teen anytime night or day to go through the up-to-date practice tests without looking all around the house for that old Rules of the Road book.

EBSCOhost [EBSCO Mobile App]

This resource gives access to thousands of magazine articles, fully searchable by topic. Any subject you can imagine can be searched to find articles in popular magazines and journals.


You know how all of your kids ended up at home learning in 2020-21 and you wanted to know what exactly they were supposed to be learning?  Explora lets you see what all the curriculum standards are for the state, subject, and grade level.

Fold 3

A parent working with a child might use this. While it is mostly military records, there are some more general resources such as City Directories (precursors to telephone directories) that serve as an annual snapshot of a city or county.
There are also some scans of newspapers, but only prior to the mid-1920s.

Freading [Freading App]

This eBook collection can be used as a tool for early educational studies, from the Tot starting out to a more advanced refined education to give all children at any age or learning level an edge to not fall behind or to get that extra boost to get ahead.

A great way for parents to introduce young children to simple and easy technology, eBooks, to learn & to use, throughout their lifetime.

Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia

When a child has a long list of questions about every little thing, this can quickly give a short explanation for different topics and simple related videos. But primarily it can be used when helping their child with school papers.

Global Road Warrior

You can use this when planning a family trip and research travel information about their destination. Another reason would be to assist their kids with their homework assignments in, researching information on different countries.

History Reference Center

Useful for a parent working with a student to complete school assignments. It covers American history and World history.

Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center

Discover craft ideas and instructions to do with the family. There is even a kid’s crafts section where you can choose crafts that can connect to early learning and motor skills.

Kanopy [Kanopy App]

You might want to show your children an award-winning movie, a documentary, or the like.
You might want to introduce them to a topic or have a discussion with them about the film/movie.

Kanopy Kids [Kanopy App]

A parent could definitely find some great material for their children.  They have kids tv series, movies, educational videos, and videos based on several popular books (animated storybooks).  This material can be played through the app, firetv, apple tv, roku, and android tv.

Legal Information Reference Center

You might use this source if you are going through a family-related legal issue. This resource has state-by-state recommended blank forms for situations such as child support and visitation during and after divorce.

Literary Reference Center

You can use this database to assist your child in finding resources for their homework assignments. It also provides reference and citation guidance.

Media on Demand eAudiobooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Being able to have the time to read is difficult when you have so many things around the house to do and the responsibility of keeping your kids happy and safe.  Media on Demand eAudiobooks can be downloaded to any device and you can take books with you wherever (or whatever) you’re doing!

Media on Demand eBooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Kids wearing you out?  Find an activity idea book for them and a “take a break from reality” book for you.

Media on Demand eMagazines [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Magazine subscriptions are often a costly expense that’s hard to justify with the rest of the household budget needs.  With eMagazines, you and your family can each download ones tailored to your individual tastes without ever having to spend a dime!

Middle Search Plus

Parents of middle school students can use this to help their children access resources to support their education,literacy, and interests.

Newspaper Archive

Parents may find Newspaper Archive useful for locating and preserving family history through records such as birth, marriage, and death announcements.


Parents are so busy with their families. You might not have time to search for books or may be not sure what you want to read.  Allow Novelist Plus to help you find books that will fit your mood.

NoveList K-8

If your child needs an AR book you can search this database for books that are at a particular AR level. 
Need a break from that picture book that you’ve read a million times?  Find a similar book for them to love.

Points of View Reference Center

This database would be great for you, because it has multiple sources of information you can use to look up any type of information you need for yourself and/or for your kids! You can educate yourself about certain topics that are rising at the moment, or information to show to your kids about things they might need to know when they’re getting older and to certain ages.

Primary Search

You could use this database to search for numerous things!  You as a parent would use this site to help see what your kids are reading, and knowing the Lexile numbers! It also has numerous pictures and videos for children as well.

ProCitizen [Pronunciator app]

In your busy schedule as a parent, you can still find time to prepare for the Naturalization Test with the help of ProCitizen.  You can download the app to study on the go.

Pronunciator [Pronunciator app]

Young children are sponges.  Take advantage of that desire to learn by helping your child learn a second language.  With Pronunciator’s age-appropriate learning guides, you will be able to find the right course for each family member, making learning a new language a whole family affair. Includes English as a Second Language content (ESL.)

Read It!

A parent with a child in middle or high school can use this as an extra resource for homework help. You can also use this database for your child if they struggle with reading. The read-along audio will give you and your child all the information needed within the article.

Salem Press

If you’re looking to help your high school student prepare for the science and history parts of the SAT/ACT exams then you can use this resource to help prepare them. There are also some great career development resources that can help your teen figure out “what they want to do when they grow up.”

Science Reference Center

Use this to help your child find science-related information; to help a child find ideas for a science project.

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law

You would use this database to inform yourself on the topic. Especially with such a cruel topic, many parents would want more insight on the topic to answer whatever questions their kids might throw at them, or even navigate through it together.

Small Business Reference Center

Resources to help you start a business.

Teacher Reference Center

Find researched and peer-reviewed journals about your child’s development and learning. You can also use this to find ways to supplement their learning from home.