teacher with students Educator
Miss Jones loves finding new ways to connect with her students and integrating reliable techniques with familiar technology. Her classroom has a smartboard, Internet access, and students complete multi-media projects each term. How can she use library resources?
elementary school student Elementary School Student (Grades K-4)
Lizzie loves making friendship bracelets, reading and learning how things work. How can library resources help her with schoolwork and hobbies?
middle school students Middle School Student (Grades 5-8)
Adam loves his videogames, superheroes & graphic novels. He can be easily influenced by his classmates, who share game shortcuts & tips by word-of-mouth. How can he save time with library resources and have more time left for fun?
high school student High School Student
Javon wants the fastest way to get this homework done so he can get to his part-time job. With Google on his smartphone, he gets a lot accomplished in study hall. How can he save time with library resources?
Adult Adult
Nothing tying Roberto down! Always up for an adventure! Between work, hanging out with friends and looking for the next big thing, he’s a busy guy. Sometimes a night in to just chill is what he needs. How can the library help?
parent and child Parent
Rachel is a busy mom who wants her kids to do their best in school and enjoy activities with kids their own ages. How can the library help her to succeed?
senior Senior
Gladys & Bob love to travel and remain active. They have done their best to keep up with technology and Facetime regularly with their grandchildren. They also provide after-school care for their other grandson. How can they use library resources?
small business owner Small Business Owner
Brian is looking to grow his business, and learn about tools available to help him accomplish this. He’s worked hard, but is facing new challenges now. How can library resources help?