A to Z the USA

Write a state report or geography report in their US History or Geography class.

A to Z World Travel

You could practice reading maps and learn how to navigate the streets in a foreign city using the “Maps” section.
If you have an assignment about a country, start here!

Academic Search Premier

Use it for homework purposes. It’ll be a great database for research.  This might start getting too advanced for their research, so it might not happen as often, will depend on their course level.

Ancestry Library Edition

You could use this to research your own family and see how they fit into history. Dates that can be related to your own family makes history much more relevant.


Use as a free telephone directory.

Biblioboard [Biblioboard App]

Books on mathematics, language arts, and history are perfect to give the student a leg up in preparation for high school. Free access anywhere in Illinois, no library card needed!

Britannica (Teen)

A middle school student might also be able to use this resource as a source for a project or paper for school. Even using it to inform a presentation would be nice. It might be tough for this age to digest but with a little help from a teacher they might be able to!

Britannica (Children’s)

Everything that a middle school student would be expected to study is grouped up already in the database, making it relatively easy to search for just about anything that pertains to whatever class they are doing. They have it in multiple formats as well: Pictures, videos, articles, etc.

Business Source Premier

Business Source Premier allows you to search full-text articles to use for papers and presentations. 

Civil Rights and Social Justice

A middle school student might also be able to use this resource as a source for a project or paper for school. Even using it to inform a presentation would be nice. It might be tough for this age to digest but with a little help from a teacher they might be able to!

Consumer Health Complete

This database would also be a good place for a middle school student to get information for a project/paper.

EBSCOhost [EBSCO Mobile App]

Any middle school student would use this for general interest articles about any topic. This is useful for current events and news. Full-text articles and a citation tool included.


Why is it that teachers are always harping on using primary sources?  Because it’s important to have the right information and all the information you find on Explora counts as a primary source.

Freading [Freading App]

You must be in Middle School, if technology is the basis of your daily life, by using cell phones and computers.   Freading ebooks are great for you, it comes in a medium that is preferred: digital. Freading is lightweight and portable, doesn’t take up space in your bookbag or pocket.   It fits nicely inside your cell phone.

Need a book to read for class?   Left your History book in your locker?   The dog ate your paper?   Great way to get homework done on the fly.    Looking for something new and exciting & thrilling?   Just want a fast fun read?   Need a good laugh?   Check it out here on the Lansing Public Library’s website, Freading with your Library Card and PIN number will get you all of the newest titles in your favorite topics.   Heard about a new book, check it out here first.   Be the first to tell all of your friends about the great read you found on Freading.

Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia

The entries are more accessible for Middle School students than a regular Encyclopedia, providing them information that is easily digestible when needing information for school projects. It even has a built-in citation feature!

Global Road Warrior

You can use this for a country project or to help prepare for a presentation in your class.

History Reference Center

Any advanced middle school student would use this just as a high school student would use it. It has articles for each historic period, along with periodical articles, and excerpts from books. Always good for students, it includes citations for each source, ready to drop into a student bibliography. Also a good source for illustrations.

Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center

Discover crafts ideas for in and out of the classroom. You can also use this to find crafty ideas and instructions for new or old hobbies!

Kanopy [Kanopy App]

Advanced students might enjoy some documentary content, but would find more age-appropriate titles on Kanopy Kids.

Kanopy Kids [Kanopy App]

If you are interested in science, math, or learning another language there are some great finds. 

Legal Information Reference Center

An advanced student might use this when doing assignments that involve legal issues.

Literary Reference Center

This would benefit you for multiple reasons. One being, that it is good for citation help for essays. There are also numerous articles that can be found if you need a place to find resources.

Media on Demand eAudiobooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Reading required reading books can sometimes be difficult, but listening to them can make them easier to understand and often more enjoyable!

Media on Demand eBooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Your favorite graphic novels delivered right to your phone.  If you’re looking for something new then Media on Demand gives you suggestions for books that are similar to ones you already love.

Media on Demand eMagazines [Libby, by Overdrive App]

If you’re looking for magazines to use as sources for papers, or just want to be able to read ones without needing to ask for permission or pay to get them, eMagazines make for a really great option.

Middle Search Plus

This was created for middle school students! It includes resources like magazines, primary source documents, photos, maps, and flags. Articles also include Lexile reading levels to meet students at their current reading abilities.

Newspaper Archive

Middle school students can use Newspaper Archive to find news reports from any era, which makes it beneficial for making comparisons between current events and events of the past.

veList K-8

Looking for your next, favorite graphic novel?  The Novelist homepage has recommended reading lists for all sorts of interests from graphic novels to adventure stories to read-alikes.

Points of View Reference Center

Whatever might be your homework assignment, I bet that it’ll help at this level of education. There are topics such as, ‘Earth and Environment’, ‘War & Peace’, ‘Immigration’, ‘Human Rights’, and much more that are usually used for assignments.  There can be some resources that she or he can use, but it might start getting too advanced for a 6th grader, but I bet it’ll still have the information you’ll need.

Primary Search

You could definitely use this database! However, it’s designed for elementary school students based on the reading levels and overall texts of the database. If you are trying to research a topic though, Primary source could definitely be a big help for you!

Pronunciator [Pronunciator app]

Learning a new language can be fun.  Pick one of 163 languages that Pronunciator offers and ask a parent to help you get started. Includes English as a Second Language content (ESL.)

Read It!

Use this database to get resources for a project. You can also use this for assistance if you struggle with reading. The articles provide read-aloud audio that will give you all the information you need without reading visually.

Science Reference Center

You can access this database to get quick access to science experiments.

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law

You could still use this database for research purposes. Especially when learning about the slavery statutes. But it has a lot of mature content to read through.

Teacher Reference Center

Any student interested in the education field can use this site to understand more about the projected development of learning or as a resource to examine in preparation for college coursework.