A to Z the USA

Write a state report or geography report in their US History or Geography class.

A to Z World Travel

You might use this site as a resource for a History paper. Everything is in one spot: major cities of the world and thumbnail sketches about their popular historical places.

Academic Search Premier

Use it for homework purposes. It’ll be a great database for research. 

Ancestry Library Edition

All of Ancestry’s content are source documents. If any student has any kind of an interest in history this would be a great resource. Any student could place their own ancestors into the context of history. It would make history real to see how their own family fits into the bigger picture.


Use as a telephone directory. Can also be used to hunt for job opportunities.

Auto Repair Source

Want to know how your car works? Need to replace your battery? Check out this site to get information geared to your specific make and model.

Biblioboard [Biblioboard App]

All ebooks on Biblioboard are free of charge, enabling users to take thousands of books wherever they go just by paying for their cellphone. A cheap and beautiful alternative to buying or renting books for classes or projects.
Free access anywhere in Illinois, no library card needed!

Britannica (Adult)

Everything that a high school student would be expected to study is grouped up already in the database, making it relatively easy to search for just about anything that pertains to whatever class they are doing. They have it in multiple formats as well: Pictures, videos, articles, etc.

Britannica (Teen)

A high school student would definitely benefit from this database. It would be a wonderful source to use in a paper, as well as in continuing research for a project or generally learning more about issues that may sometimes be passed over in the classroom. They can explore any topic they want, and get provided with more information!

Business Source Premier

Business Source Premier allows you to access full-text articles on a variety of business-related subjects, making it easy to find materials for research papers and presentations.  

Civil Rights and Social Justice

A high school student would definitely benefit from this database. It would be a wonderful source to use in a paper, as well as in continuing research for a project or generally learning more about issues that may sometimes be passed over in the classroom. 

Consumer Health Complete

This database would be a great place to get medical information for a high school student working on a project/paper.

Consumer Reports

Hey, teen find out who has the best product in headphones, laptops, and gaming chairs.  Do you have your driver's license?  Check out the section on car maintenance and repair.

Drivers’ Ed Practice Tests

Take the practice tests and see how you score right away, and get do-overs if necessary! Be totally prepared when you go for your in-person exam at the DMV.

EBSCOhost [EBSCO Mobile App]

A student doing any research on a topic of general interest, social issue, political news, crime, or any topic imaginable would use this for current information. Full-text articles, and a citation tool included.


Explora is a mobile friendly site that puts information at your fingertips.  Articles, topics, videos, and categories that let you easily find exactly what you are looking for.

Freading [Freading App]

Freading EBooks contains cutting-edge material, new, up-to-date on current Authors, Subjects, Titles.   Required Literature items for the Summer Reading Programs and for those who are bound for college.   No waiting for one to be returned to the Lansing Public Library.   Just use the Library Card Barcode & PIN Number to open up Freading and to see all the items, from our website.   Can be done from anywhere there is Internet & Wi-Fi access.

Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia

At this stage in their schooling career, you would have more resources to find relevant information on topics needed for your own personal interests or class projects. However, it does have a built-in citation feature and could be used as a supplement for other databases when writing papers.

Global Road Warrior

You may have a research paper due and wants to do research on a specific place. They can click on the “Cite This Document” tab that can be used to, put their sources on a bibliography page, of their paper.

History Reference Center

You could use this as a starting point for any history assignment. It is a specialized history encyclopedia, but online. In addition to encyclopedia-like articles, there are links to periodicals and journals, and reprints from relevant books on each topic. Especially useful for students are the built-in citations that can be copied and pasted into a school assignment document. Illustrations can be searched and downloaded (while respecting copyrights, which information is included).

Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center

Discover crafts ideas for in and out of the classroom. You can also use this to find crafty ideas and instructions for new or old hobbies!

Kanopy [Kanopy App]

You might have an assignment to do on a specific topic or movie that is hard to find. You wouldn’t have to leave home or buy the movie/film in order to watch it. You wouldn’t have to have a credit card or bank account number to purchase the movie/film. You also wouldn’t have to ask an adult to watch it if you don’t want to, you could just access it as long as you have your library card/card number.

Legal Information Reference Center

Any student doing an assignment on legal issues could use this resource. In addition to forms and articles, there are full-text books published by NOLO, a reputable legal publisher. The books are always available.

Literary Reference Center

This would be beneficial to you for resources because it provides a wide range of genres and timeframes. In high school, you will read a lot of Shakespeare and this database provides book reviews, ebooks, critical essays, etc. that will help you understand the writing of Shakespeare.

Media on Demand eAudiobooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Reading required reading books can sometimes be difficult, but listening to them can make them easier to understand and often more enjoyable and you can read while doing other things!

Media on Demand eBooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Download the Libby app to your phone and you’ll have access to your favorite books wherever you go. 
The large selection of classic literature books means you don’t need to wait for a copy to be available from your school library.

Media on Demand eMagazines [Libby, by Overdrive App]

If you’re looking for magazines to use as sources for papers, or just want to be able to read ones without needing to ask for permission or pay to get it, eMagazines make for a really great option.

Middle Search Plus

Although created for middle school students, high school students can also use this to find resources and information on their own interests or hobbies. They can also use this to supplement their own high school work.

Newspaper Archive

Newspaper Archive includes a wide range of articles about different historical events, which makes it very useful for any historical research projects a high school student might be assigned.


Find a new author that writes like a favorite author. Not sure what to read? Let Novelist Plus help you find a book that suits your mood. It finds titles, articles, and lists for both your fiction and nonfiction needs.

NoveList K-8

Need biographies and science titles for all those projects your teacher assigned or just need a fun book to read? 
Look books up by subject and then Novelist will tell you if the Lansing Library owns any of those books.

Points of View Reference Center

Whatever might be your homework assignment, I bet that it’ll help at this level of education. There’s topics such as, ‘Earth and Environment’, ‘War & Peace’, ‘Immigration’, ‘Human Rights’, and much more that are usually used for assignments.

Primary Search

This database is more so geared towards elementary school. A high school student would more than likely use a different database (EBSCO.)

ProCitizen [Pronunciator app]

Because some of the information on the Naturalization Test may overlap with what you need to learn in your High School Civics class, you may find this to be a helpful resource.

Pronunciator [Pronunciator app]

Are you taking a foreign language class in school?  Pronunciator can help you master that language as well as 162 others.  Download the app for access to lessons while in between practices and other extracurricular activities. Includes English as a Second Language content (ESL.)

Read It!

Use this database to get resources for a project. You can also use this for assistance if you struggle with reading.
The articles provide read-aloud audio that will give you all the information you need without reading visually.

Salem Press

Are you looking for some great, reliable sources for your next history paper? Or are you looking to brush up before your biology exam? Salem press has many articles that will help you support your paper or remember all the things you’ve learned in science this year.

Science Reference Center

The database allows users to conduct keyword searches or browse topics by the branch of science. It also has periodicals, books, biographies, and essays. 

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law

This database would be an excellent source of information about slavery. If you have assignments/papers about Slavery you could find bundles of information on one site. Perspectives, laws, worked on by colleges. All beneficial things for a high school assignment.

Small Business Reference Center

If your homework assignment was related to how a business is operated or studying business topics at a high school level, this is the resource you need!

Teacher Reference Center

Any student interested in the education field can use this site to understand more about the projected development of learning or as a resource to examine in preparation for college course work.