A to Z the USA

Prepare for your state map test that they are required to fill out in fifth grade. A to Z the USA gives a map and does not tell you the name of the state until you hover over/click on it.

A to Z World Travel

You could learn about the cultural history of various cities around the world. Art museums and special holidays, even how they celebrate special events.

Ancestry Library Edition

Working with a parent or other adult, a young student could benefit from learning about family.

Biblioboard [Biblioboard App]

Plenty of juvenile non-fiction material is at your disposal. Free access anywhere in Illinois, no library card needed!

Britannica (Teen)

This info would definitely be above the reading level for an elementary school student. However, their parents might use it to help inform teachings alongside a picture book or talk about a specific person or historical event.

Britannica (Children’s)

The database has a section specifically for children, which makes finding things much easier; and doesn’t show information beyond their comprehension level. It has a colorful display that makes it fun to look for things in addition to being educational.

Civil Rights and Social Justice

This info would definitely be above the reading level for an elementary school student. However, their parents might use it to help teach alongside a picture book or talk about a specific person or historical event.

Consumer Health Complete

While geared for an older audience, depending on their personal comprehension, an elementary school student could also use it for a project/paper.

Freading [Freading App]

Need a great book for your book report?   Start here on the Freading Database, all kinds of subjects to look through.   Books on cats, dogs, worms, trolls, dinosaurs, ninjas, how to cook, how to paint, how to do crafts.   Many fun and fantastic ideas on the Freading Database.   Just enter into Freading to find color photos, wonderful art inside the picture books, many to choose from to let your imagination go wild.

Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia

The encyclopedia is specifically geared towards children, providing easy-to-read entries on a variety of subjects that you might wish to learn more about after hearing about them in class, or for their school projects.

Global Road Warrior

You may begin learning about geography or about the country they live in. You can also look at pictures of different places in the world.

History Reference Center

This is maybe a little too advanced for a young student unless a parent or teacher were working with them. An adult could help them find illustrations for a project.

Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center

Discover crafts ideas for in and out of the classroom. You can also use this to find crafty ideas and instructions for new or old hobbies!

Kanopy  [Kanopy App]

They would not use this particular version of it, they would have to use the kid's version.

Kanopy Kids [Kanopy App]

It has many popular kid's shows, such as Sesame Street and favorite characters from PBS.  It has many favorite book titles that were made into videos and movies.  It has an educational section for exploring math and science.   

Media on Demand eAudiobooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Reading books can sometimes be difficult, but listening to them can make them easier to understand and often more enjoyable!

Media on Demand eBooks [Libby, by Overdrive App]

Pick an e-book for AR or for fun.  There’s a cool tool that lets you find books based on grade level.

Media on Demand eMagazines [Libby, by Overdrive App]

If you’re looking for magazines to use as sources for papers, or just want to be able to read ones without needing to ask for permission or pay to get it, eMagazines make for a really great option.

Middle Search Plus

Elementary school students could use this as an introduction to middle school reading and information. It includes resources like magazines, primary source documents, photos, maps, and flags. Articles also include Lexile reading levels to meet students at their current reading abilities.

Newspaper Archive

Newspaper Archive provides all the information such as birth, marriage, and death announcements that an elementary school student might need to learn about their own family history.

NoveList K-8

Have you read all the Dog Man books or do you just adore Elephant and Piggie?  On Novelist you can find books that are similar to the ones you already love.

Primary Search

You could definitely use this site for research topics, projects, homework, or just looking up things! This site is designed to help you find topics easily, and your parents or teacher can approve of the research and what you’re reading. There are tons of videos and pictures too!

Pronunciator [Pronunciator app]

Did you know you could learn a different language?  Pronunciator can help.  Ask a parent to get you started. Includes English as a Second Language content (ESL.)

Read It!

This database can help your child learn information on certain topics without actually reading the article. This can also help a child learn to read as they follow along with the audio playing.