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Public Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet)--Bring Your Own Laptop, tablet, notebook or eReader!

Computer Use Fees:
Effective October 1, 2009

Lansing Public Library cardholders may use library computers for no charge provided that they bring their library card with them. Patrons must have their library cards to avoid a charge. Only the cardholder may use his or her card for this or any other library purpose.

If a Lansing Library cardholder/resident does not have their card and still wishes to use a computer the fee is $1.00 per session.

Any visitor not from Lansing, Illinois who resides in the state of Illinois or Indiana will be assessed a fee of $2.00 per session. We reserve the right to charge any patron from out of the area the $2.00 fee if the library deems it necessary.

All patrons are responsible for any printing fees.

***Please note that a session is a minimum of 60 minutes and that an individual may extend time as long as there is not someone with a reservation waiting to use that computer. Anyone may pay for another session if they so desire, for a maximum of 3 hours per day.

***Computers are logged off 15 minutes before closing time. This may make for a shortened session should you choose to make a reservation at the end of the business day.

Computer Reservations

Quick Facts:

  • We have 28 computers for public use, 20 laptops for in-building use, plus 3 catalog-only terminals. We have a simple scan station. Click for scanner details.
  • Patrons must have their own valid library card.
  • Computers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Patrons have their choice when making a reservation:
    • Lower Level (Teens and Youth - Age 19 and under) Adults with accompanying child-see Youth Desk staff for assistance.
    • Upper Level (Adults, Teens - Age 16 and older)
    • SimpleScan Station (Adults, Teens and Youth)
  • Initial session is 60 minutes.
  • If extra time is available, the system will place a message on your screen.
  • Files saved to the computer are automatically deleted when your session ends.
  • Computer Reservations are only held for 10 minutes, then expire.
  • Reservations cannot be made after 7:40 p.m. Mon.-Thurs., or after 4:40 p.m. Fri.-Sat.
  • All sessions end 15 minutes before the library closes.
  • Guest passes for visitors are issued at the Adult Circulation Desk; Photo ID required. See Computer Use Fees for more information.
Computer Reservation and Use Details:

Remember during busy periods, you need to make a reservation in order for a computer to become available. Computer Reservations: Book online!
Reservations cannot be made after 7:40 p.m. Mon.-Thurs., or after 4:40 p.m. Fri.-Sat.

Begin by approaching an available computer, and login using your library card and PIN. You may also reserve from a computer or mobile device. Computer Reservations: Book online! You will need your library card to use a computer. Please make it a habit to carry your library card.

Warnings will be given at 10 minutes, 4 minutes and 2 minutes remaining to give you a chance to save your work before your session ends.

Remember to bring a CD-R, CD-RW, or USB flash drive to save your work.
CD-R are available at the Circulation Desk for $1.00
USB Flash drives are available at the Circulation Desk for $7.00
Earbuds are available at the Circulation Desk for $1.50 beginning September 7, 2010.

Files saved to the hard drive are automatically deleted when your time expires. Save your work often!

The system allows users to extend their computer time if there are no existing reservations for that computer, with a 3 hour maximum per day. Watch for a box on your screen offering additional time, and choose the prompt to accept additional time.

If you need to step away from the computer to retrieve a book, use the restroom or answer your cell phone, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, click on the "lock" option on the screen, and follow the prompts.

Catalog-only terminals may be used without reservations, and are first-come, first-served.


The public computers are configured with many useful software applications. All the public PCs use Windows 7 Professional.

  • Internet (filtered)
    • Firefox (current version)
    • Google Chrome (current version)
    • Internet Explorer
  • Music & Multimedia
    • Quick Time
    • Windows Live Photo Gallery
    • Windows Media Player
    • Windows Movie Maker
  • Productivity
    • Acrobat Reader
    • Family Tree Maker 2009
    • Microsoft Office 2013
      • Microsoft Excel 2013
      • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
      • Microsoft Publisher 2013
      • Microsoft Word 2013

In addition to the software available, patrons may bring in their own software and install it to use during their PC session.


The PCs all have:

  • DVD-R drive (play DVDs or CDs only)
  • USB ports
  • Headphone jack
  • Headphones Effective September 7, 2010 Patrons will have to bring their own headpones or earbuds in order to enable sound on the library computers. Earbuds will be for sale at the Circulation Desk for $1.50

Patrons are permitted to bring in their own devices to connect to the PC during their session.
Examples might incluude:

  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Video Camera
  • Portable Hard Drives
  • USB Flash or "thumb" Drives
  • iPod or other MP3 player
  • eReader
  • any other device with a USB connection!


Patrons have the option to print documents in black & white or color.

Black & white printouts cost 15¢ per page

Color printouts cost 15¢ per page

Select the appropriate option from the print dialog box.

The print software will calculate the number of pages and cost of your print job.

Print jobs route to the print release "cPad station", where patrons must pay for their job to release it to the printer.

Print jobs automatically delete from the queue after 3 hours.

No special papers allowed in library printers.