Twitter for Job Seekers

Created by IT Dept. 4/2012
Presented at Lansing Public Library 4/21/2012 and 5/21/2012

Consumer Health Information on the Internet

Created by Reference Dept. 11/2009
Presented at Lansing Public Library 11/19/2009

Who Named it
Medline Plus
National Cancer Institute
Food and Drug Administration
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
CDC Wonder
Kids Health
Toxic Hazards written for kids
Household products database

Science Project Strategies

In 2008, we held a Science Project Strategies Workshop on two different dates. If you missed it, you can listen to the audio or view the slides!


Audio (approx. 21 minutes)

Slides (click the mouse, or use your scroll wheel to go to the next slide.)



Created by IT Dept., Teen Dept. & Reference Dept. 11/2005
Presented at Lansing Public Library 11/12/05

audio Audio power point icon PowerPoint Slides

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