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  • Family Literacy Night
  • the Good Neighbor Parade
  • School Registration Days
  • National Night Out Against Crime
  • Autumn Fest
  • St. Anthony of Lansing
  • your school
  • your community group meeting

Invite us to visit!

Would you like a librarian to speak to your class, or community group?
  • When students meet a public librarian in class at school and later see her at work in the library, they sense that they have a friend at the library and feel instantly comfortable.  Teachers of grades pre-K, K-8, or leaders of community groups serving children should contact the Youth & Teen Services Department.
  • If you'd like staff to present book talks about popular novels to high school students, contact the Youth & Teen Services Department.
  • If you'd like staff to discuss resources available for high school research papers (English, Literature, History, etc.) contact the Information Dept.
  • For adult groups, contact the Information Dept.

Have you seen Hardcover Feedback?

Watch Hardcover Feedback the television program where we talk about books! Starring Lansing Library's own Brandi Smits and other guests. Tune in to Lansing's Local Cable Channel 4. Check the schedule to see when it's on!
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Have you read Random Reads?

Lansing Library's own Brandi Smits writes book reviews for The Shopper!
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