Temporary Cards

Register Online Now for a Temporary Card! Lansing, Illinois residents age 18 and older only.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid Debit Dual Use Library Card Lansing, Illinois residents.

Library Card Policy

Lansing Residency Map Lansing map used to determine residency. Click to enlarge.

Library cards are issued to Lansing residents free-of-charge with proper identification to prove residency. (A valid photo I.D. and two acceptable items with your current Lansing address. If the photo I.D. shows your current Lansing address, you only need to provide one additional acceptable item with your current Lansing address, such as a current utility bill.) Lansing residents under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian, with proper identification, sign for them. Lost cards should be reported immediately and may be replaced for a $5.00 fee. You must present your card whenever borrowing material.

Patrons are encouraged to register for Internet access when obtaining their library card. Internet access is required to access our databases to search for articles, checkout eBooks, or use NoveList within the library.

Acceptable Identification

Acceptable Photo I.D.
1 item required

Acceptable Proof of Address in Lansing, Illinois
2 items required
Name needs to match that on the Photo I.D.

Drivers License Current Utility Bill
State I.D. Lease
Passport Bill of Sale/Contract for Home
Student I.D. Checkbook from a local bank
Military I.D. A piece of mail with recent postmark
Lansing Public Library Photo I.D. Automobile registration
Other Photo I.D. 
issued by a government agency
  *If the Photo I.D. has the patron's current Lansing address, it may also serve as one item to prove address.

Photo ID Library Card Features

Lansing Public Library Photo ID library cards may only be used by the person whose picture is on the card.
To protect you from:

  • unauthorized users
  • people seeing your library record
  • theft of your card

New cards will be issued when you:

  • replace a lost card ($5.00 fee)
  • apply for a new card (free)
  • renew your card (free)

Old cards (without photos) must be replaced at renewal. 

There is no charge for a new card. We charge $5.00 to replace a lost card.

Notice to Parents:

Information regarding the materials checked out on a library card is restricted by Illinois Statutes. Only the holder of the library card may access this information. This includes materials checked out on a minor child's card. We realize this is a difficult situation, but it can only be rectified by the state legislature.

Notice to Families:

The borrowing privileges of a library patron will be suspended for such time as the patron or any member of the patron's immediate family (spouse, child, parent or sibling) living at the patron's address is indebted to the library as a result of damage to library property or for the failure to return any book, material or other personal property belonging to or in the custody of the library.

Non-Resident Library Cards

The State of Illinois has mandated a new program to serve those who do not live within the service boundaries of a public library. All libraries in Illinois are required to inform their respective system by mid August, 2002 whether they will participate or not. This decision needs to be revisited each year. This policy intends to comply with the rules in Illinois Administrative Code; Title 23; Subtitle B: Cultural Resources; Chapter 1: Secretary of State Part 3050; Public Library Non-Resident Services. Effective July 1, 2002.

Libraries may no longer issue Local Use Only cards to non-residents. All library cards are system wide cards, and users are entitled to all services Lansing Public Library provides, and are subject to the rules and policies of Lansing Public Library.

Pursuant to §3050.60 Lansing Public Library has selected the first option for calculating the fee for this service.
The total amount of property taxes collected is divided by the population of the village (yielding the cost of library service per capita) and multiplying the result by the average number of persons per household (according to the most recent census.)
Which yields a final rate of $184.00 per household for FY 2015-2016. Each family member will be issued a photo I.D. card according to Lansing Public Library Policy.

Non-Resident Cards are valid for one (1) calendar year from the date of issue. If such a card becomes, or is declared invalid by the library all cards issued to that household become invalid until such time as the reason(s) for such action are cleared up to the library's satisfaction. No refunds of Non-Resident fees may be given.

Pursuant to §3050.25 the area of service, for those not within the boundaries of Corporate Lansing, selected by Lansing Public Library under the provisions contained herein is bounded approximately by Interstate 394 on the West, the Illinois/Indiana Border on the East, the Little Calumet River on the North and Glenwood Lansing Road (sometimes known as Airport Road) on the South; except areas already served by or annexed to another Public Library or as determined by the State Library or other competent legal authority or inter-agency agreement. A map is available at the Library to clarify these boundaries.

Lansing Residency Map Lansing map used to determine residency. Click to enlarge.

Upon payment of the annual fee, nonresident taxpayers are entitled to one card at no charge. Only the person whose name and picture appears on the card is entitled to use it. This card is valid at any participating RAILS library for the period of one year.

Out of State Residents: Internet Only Guest Pass

Persons from out of state may request a free Temporary Internet Guest Pass at the Adult Circulation Desk.
Photo ID is required.

All Borrower′s Cards remain the property of Lansing Library.